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    PDF download:

    Medicare Vision Services – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    furnished after each cataract surgery with insertion of an IOL. NOTE: Durable
    Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers billing for eyeglasses or contact lenses

    11045 DME final.qxp

    … the cost of durable medical equipment or coverage after reading this booklet,
    call …. Eyeglasses and cataract lenses are covered even if you had the surgery …

    2007.05.31 CR1603 In re CMS LCD Complaint: Low … –

    May 31, 2007 … single lens spectacle mounted low vision aids (V261 0), and … Prosthetics,
    Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) and Other Issues, 71 Fed. … reason to except
    from the section 1862( a )(7) exclusion contact lenses after cataract.

    quick guide – State of Tennessee

    Repair of DME Items Not Covered by TennCare – Covered for children under
    age 21 only …… Speech Therapist, to restore speech after a loss or impairment.
    …. One pair of cataract glasses or lenses is covered for adults following cataract …

    Medicaid Services Chart – Louisiana – Louisiana…

    DME providers will arrange for the Prior. Authorization ….. cataracts, etc. …
    supplier to receive the glasses/contacts. … before and after school care; medical.

    kinds – Georgia Department of Community Health

    Dec 31, 2014 … after your emergency condition is stabilized, your cost is the cost- sharing you
    would pay at an ….. DME will be included in the copay or coinsurance for those
    services. …. lens. (If you have two separate cataract operations, you.

    Optometrist and Optician Services – Iowa Department of Human …

    Apr 1, 2014 … Repairs and Replacement of Frames, Lenses, or Components …………. 6 ….
    Required following cataract surgery, for documented keratoconus, …. you must
    show the modifier “RA” on the claim form directly after the “V”.

    chapter 100 – manual overview – ahcccs

    (DME) rentals and repairs. 2. PA is required for consumable … medically
    necessary following cataract removal without an implanted lens). 5. Orthotics for …

    April 2011 – Issue 68 – North Dakota State Government

    DME Providers . ….. type of glasses ordered may be billed to ND Medicaid. … In
    special circumstances, frames and lenses after cataract surgery may be covered

    Medicare Program – US Government Publishing Office

    Aug 27, 2010 … amends the DMEPOS supplier standards set forth at § 424.57(c). … eyeglasses
    or contact lenses furnished subsequent to each cataract surgery with insertion of
    an …. maintain a visible sign and posted hours of operation.

    for the July 26, 2012 Meeting of the Dermatologic and … – FDA

    wet AMD; no preliminary suggestion of applicability to DME …. and 20/320 Left
    eye 3½ years after presentation. Diabetic Macular Edema … Probability of
    cataract surgery …. Best Corrected Visual Acuity = with best possible glasses

    Prosthetics Update – Arkansas Secretary of State

    Effective for claims received on or after July 1, 2007, the provider manual …. The
    following DME HCPCS procedure codes may be billed by Medicaid-enrolled …..
    Cataract Surgery …. Supplying and fitting of monocular lens (soft lens) – 1 lens.

    (ILUVIEN) Monograph – Pharmacy Benefits Management Services

    Diabetic macular edema (DME) in patients who have been previously … There
    are no Post Marketing Study requirements … Development of cataracts in phakic
    eyes and need for intervention occurred more frequently with FA than sham. •.
    Patients in whom the posterior capsule of the lens is absent or has a tear are at
    risk of.

    2016 Limited PPO – State of Tennessee

    (For DME, PA only applies to more …. for glasses and/or contacts are not
    considered vision …. scratch resistant coating) purchased after cataract surgery.

    Kaiser Permanente CDHP – Washington State Health Care Authority

    Post-Service Claims – Services Already Received . …. Durable Medical
    Equipment (DME). ….. Hardware once every 24 months: either lenses and frames
    , or ….. a result of cataract surgery or to replace a missing portion of the eye);. •.
    The initial …

    Chapters – West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

    Dec 2, 2004 … be communicated by letter or posted on BMS' website …. Certain Durable
    Medical Equipment (DME), Orthotics and Prosthetics …. Optometry services for
    individuals over age 21, except the first pair of glasses after cataract.

    2014 LivingWell PPO SPD – Personnel

    After you or your qualified practitioner have provided Humana with your
    diagnosis and treatment plan,. Humana …. discharge planning and post-surgery
    home health needs. Support ….. DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (DME) AND
    PROSTHETICS. Humana ….. Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses after Cataract
    Surgery (initial.

    Schedule of Benefits

    Elective and Emergency Post-Stabilization Admissions. Yes. Member … Post-
    Cataract Surgical Services. • Frames and … glasses or set of contact lenses as
    applicable per Member … limited to a single purchase of a type of DME, including

    State Fiscal Year 2007 – Missouri Department of Social Services

    eyeglasses following cataract surgery. ❖ Durable medical … health plan of care
    receive DME services for the duration of their home health plan of care. … Of the
    328 enrollees that chose to opt out 80.79% opted-out after enrollment in an MC+.

    City of Amarillo Group Health Plan – Official Website of the City of …

    Jan 1, 2011 … … younger than age 26) to the Group Health Plan after date of retirement. ….. of
    Benefits. Initial glasses (including contact lens) if required following cataract
    surgery … classified as DME, it may not be covered in every instance.

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