what does file rejection on 997 for emdeon mean

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  • what does file rejection on 997 for emdeon mean

    PDF download:

    (POPS) Billing Guide – Mass.Gov

    Claim Billing/Claim Rebill Accepted/Rejected Response . …. Emdeon eRX
    Network: 1-866-379-6389 … Example: N***R*** means a not used field that
    repeats when used. …. when a pharmacy does not have the full quantity of a drug
    specified by a prescription to …. Submission Clarification Code 11=Certification
    on File –.

    Medicare Claims Processing Manual – Centers for Medicare …

    50.3.5 – Handling of Poorly Formed/Invalid Flat Files for a 277CA. 50.4 – CEDI –
    Unique … 50.4.3 – CEDI Acknowledgments for ASC X12 and NCPDP D.O..
    Transactions ….. The term ''covered entity'' has the meaning of a health care
    provider that conducts …… for the rejection or first negative test of the entire loop.

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